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Beam Dyeing
Technical data
Pressure:             4,5 bar
Temperature:      156 °C
Diameter:            depending on load capacity
Total capacity:    from 5 to 800 Kg
Tandem:              yes
Liquor ratio:        1 : 8
Machine for dyeing knitted and woven fabrics in beams of natural and synthetic fibers with or without elastomer.
Beam dyeing machine suitable for delicate knitted or woven fabrics. Possibility to work with bath recirculation or with air cushion, guaranteeing a greater energy saving.

SILK BEAM version
Dyeing substrate designed for light silky fabrics with very dense structures. Machine equipped with instrumentation and software to control the flow of liquor through the fabric.
Circulation pump
centrifugal type with reversal bath or high efficiency unidirectional centrifuge. Variation of the speed by inverter for the optimal regulation of the dyeing liquor flow. Possibility to work with differential pressure or constant flow rate.
Preparation tank
Possibility of equipping the machine with a bath preparation tank necessary for the subsequent fills in order to reduce the dyeing times.
HT drain
Device for the drain of the bath with a temperature higher than 100°C for the elimination of the oligomers that form during dyeing.
Tandem, industry 4.0
Possibility to combine two machines in tandem to increase the load capacity. On request it is possible to supply a steam, water and electricity meter, to monitor consumption during the dyeing cycle, and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the industry 4.0.
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