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Dyeing machines
Dyeing machines
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
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Remote assistance service
Our technical service has been equipped with new augmented reality software to provide remote assistance and advice with smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. This allows us to intervene in real time and remotely directly on the machinery, helping our customers in mechanical and software maintenance. The maintenance manager can connect directly with our expert technician and interact with him in the management of the machine. This allows the reduction of the intervention times guaranteeing a greater productivity to our customers.
Laip is a modern Italian company based in Prato, the heart of the European textile industry, which for over 60 years has been producing dyeing machines of high technical and technological quality. The very wide production range includes machines for dyeing fabrics, yarns, tops, fibers  and tow.  A wide range of products designed to ensure a high level of performance during the entire dyeing process with the utmost respect for the environment. The continuous evolution of the market pushes Laip to invest more and more in technology and innovation, with the aim of creating more and more innovative products. Laip, also thanks to its agents, exports its machinery all over the world, guaranteeing an excellent after sales service.

What we do
We are involved in the design and construction of both single dyeing machines and complete plants. Our technical department, composed of specialized personnel, deals with mechanical and electrical design, structural simulation, calculations and certification for pressure equipment and machine software development. For this purpose, the best software on the market is used. The production is carried out completely in Italy in our production departments by experienced and licensed operators.
We manufacture a wide range of machines that can be divided into two macro categories: fabric dyeing and yarn and fiber/tow dyeing. For each category we have a wide range of products suitable to treat different types of fabric and fiber according to specific requests or needs of our customers. We also manufacture versions of the same machines for small production or laboratory for the production of small batches. A particular attention to energy saving has led us to design and build an innovative plant for the recovery of heat from waste water from dyehouses and / or continuous washing.

Industry 4.0.
All our machines can be supplied, on request, with control devices, software and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the new industrial revolution better known as "industry 4.0".

ISO 9001:15 Quality system
Development and manufacturing of textile
dyeing machinery and plants (IAF 18).
L.a.i.p. S.r.l.
Via San Paolo, 405 - 59100 - Prato (PO)
Telephone: +39 0574-28218
Fax: +39 0574-400923
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