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Dyeing machines
Dyeing machines
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Over Flow 400-401
Technical data
Pressure:             0,5 bar - Atmospheric
Temperature:      108 °C - 98°C
Ropes number:   from 1 to 6
Total capacity:    from 100 to 900 Kg
Tandem:              yes
Liquor ratio:        1 : 10
Machine for dyeing woven fabrics of cellulose and wool fibers with weight up to 1200 g/m.
with horizontal conformation. Tubes for the transport of the fabric, external and inclined upwards towards the rear to ensure greater penetration of the color on the fabric. Possibility of having the same machine both at 98°C and 108°C depending on the materials to be treated.
Internal reel
with silicone profiles or stainless steel oblique rods to open and reduce abrasion on the fabric.
positioned on the front to allow easy access to the machine during internal cleaning.
Tandem, industria 4.0
Possibility of working in tandem to increase the loading capacity. On request it is possible to supply a steam, water and electricity meter, to monitor consumption during the dyeing cycle, and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the industry 4.0.
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