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Dyeing machines
Dyeing machines
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Naturally Innovative
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Technical data
Pressure:             Atmospheric
Temperature:      90 °C
N° cylinders:        4
N° of colors:        4
Machine for printing of tow and tops made of long synthetic and natural fibers
for the multicolor dyeing of long fibers in tops and tow made up of various sections that allow the preparation, the dyeing, the fixing of the color and the final winding of the material that will be treated afterwards in a washing process.
Entry group
composed of a stainless-steel frame on which are placed a group of motorized pre-stretching cylinders that prepare the fibers for the next phase of combing and stretching of the ribbons.
Printing group
with 4 cylinders with the possibility of having 4 different colors or 1 vigoreux cylinder and 3 cylinders in different colors.
Colors kitchen
for the preparation of dyeing solutions, composed of 4 + 4 color tanks made entirely of stainless steel, with automatic control of the level of the bath and connected to the dosing system to the respective printing tanks.
composed of a chamber for fixing the color after printing, completely insulated with steel and polyurethane panels. The material is folded and transported with a belt at a speed synchronized with the printing section in order to have a minimum duration of 60 minutes inside the vaporization.
Industria 4.0
On request it is possible to supply a steam, water and electricity meter, to monitor consumption during the dyeing cycle, and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the industry 4.0.
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