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Dyeing machines
Dyeing machines
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
Naturally Innovative
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Vaporizzo VS HT
Technical data
Pressure:             3,5 bar
Temperature:      147 °C
D. machine:         depending on the capacity required
Machine for shrinkage treatments, conditioning and color fixing of yarns in packages of natural and synthetic fibers.
with horizontal structure for shrinkage and conditioning treatments of yarns. Special edition for fixing the dye on yarns in multi colored packages of natural and synthetic fibers. Perfectly reproducible working cycles, continuously controlled by the microprocessor.
Vacuum pump
used at the beginning of the cycle to eliminate the presence of air from the inside of the yarn in order to have a perfect uniformity of steam inside the material to be treated.
Material holder
in the machine it is possible to load different types of material holders both for the conditioning of the yarns and for the yarns on multi colored printed bobbins.
Industria 4.0
On request it is possible to supply a steam, water and electricity meter, to monitor consumption during the dyeing cycle, and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the industry 4.0.
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