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Dyeing machines
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Wash & Dry
Technical data
Pressure:             0,5 bar - Atmospheric
Temperature:      108 °C - 98°C
Ropes number:   from 1 to 2
Tandem:              no
Liquor ratio:        1 : 5
Solvent treatment machine of knitted and woven fabrics of natural and synthetic fibers. Suitable for improve  color fastness, removing polypropylene impurities and removing oils before dyeing.

The first solvent finishing and washing plant for rope fabrics with international patents. Available on request with hot perchloroethylene washing kit up to 115°C. Round shape with flow jet type fabric transport. Perfectly reproducible processing cycles and optimization of process quality and energy consumption thanks to the continuous control of the controller.
Air filtering unit
composed of two series of sachet and pocket filters for the purification of air from suspended fiber particles.
Condensation group
and storage of the solvent used to treat the fabric. After treatment, the solvent is distilled, purified and stored for further processing. Sludge is obtained from distillation, which is then distilled to recover the maximum amount of solvent. The rest is disposed of.
Activated carbons group
for air purification inside the machine to deodorize the material and to reduce solvent vapor emissions to the outside when the machine is opened.
Industria 4.0
On request it is possible to supply a steam, water and electricity meter, to monitor consumption during the dyeing cycle, and remote assistance to meet the requirements of the industry 4.0. Thanks to its high energy saving, Poseidon allows to reduce production costs.
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